Tuesday 30 June 2015

[news] Sailfish OS was selected over Tizen in Russia

Projects on import substitution of infrastructural
software were reviewed on Moscow.

Confirmed by official source, Jolla beats Samsung on operating system area.

Just yesterday, we shared a post claiming that Jolla's Sailfish OS was selected as a winner over Samsung's Tizen operating system in the Ministry of Telecommunications in Russia.

This is now confirmed. This news also confirms that there are not yet decisions of support, but if Jolla's Sailfish OS will be supported (as expected after winning), the official document advices to include "The Russian Mobile device", in practice meaning the YotaPhone

[news] Sailfish OS was selected over Tizen in Russia

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4. Expert evaluation of projects in each area of ​​the following results: 
The direction of "mobile operating system" 
1st place - the project "Mobile platform with the Russian services and independent OS" (Jolla Inc., of "Yandex", JSC "ESC", ESN Group). 
 2nd place - the project "Perspective mobile service platform (PHC) based on the OS Tizen" (Scientific Testing Institute of complex security systems (SRI SOKB), RAS Institute for System Programming (ISP RAS), Samsung Electronics Rus Company, and others.). 
Note: In case of a decision to support the project "Mobile platform with the Russian services and independent OS" (Jolla Inc., of "Yandex", JSC "ESC", ESN Group) it is advisable to draft "The Russian mobile device (smartphone and tablet) with protection of information by Russian standards" as a further development directions.

Above is a quotation from Minutes of the expert evaluation in the Ministry. After reading that, you have a better point of view to our post from Yesterday, knowing exactly which parts of that are officially confirmed by the quotation above:


"It is planned to implement projects on import-substitution of software within international consortiums in order to unite efforts of developers and get access to markets of large countries, including BRICS-countries."

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By: Review Jolla
Source: Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Document Number P11-215pr
Published: 2015-06-30 10:11 UTC
Updated: 2015-06-30 10:11 UTC

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