Thursday 18 June 2015

Almost paid app support

Official: Flattr lands to Jolla store

You can now support Sailfish OS app developers great work via Flattr, using Jolla Store in the phone

Support can be started as soon as the developers update their apps to include a donation button. There's already some!

Almost paid app support - Flattr button lands on Jolla Store

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Flattr is a micro donation service where users can donate money to those who have developed the content. Flattr has free account registering and tools for developers for easy donating. Flattr keeps 10% of the donated amount, and delivers 90% to the content producer each month.
Call for Sailfish OS app developers: New page to support you

Guide for users, guide for developers, and in the end Jolla's official announcement. Lets flattr:

How can you support developers? (via Flattr Howto)

1. Get a Flattr account
Any individual, company or organization can use Flattr. You can be located anywhere in the world. Getting an account is easy and free.

2. Choose budget
You decide how big your total monthly budget is. Regardless of how many creators you will support, the total of your donations will be this budget. You can change the budget at any time.

3. Add money to your account
To be able to give, you transfer money to your Flattr account. The budget you chose will be taken from your Flattr account each month, similar to how a pre-paid telephone card works. We accept most international and local credit and debit cards. Flattr use Euro as its base currency, but it doesn’t matter what currency you use, we take care of the exchange.

4. Flattr content you want to support
Whenever you read, watch and listen to content you want to support, you simply flattr it. Remember that you can flattr as many times you want during a month, as you never will exceed your chosen budget. You can flattr on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc by clicking “Favorite”, “Like” or “Star”

Editor's note: Apps in Jolla Store having Flattr button can be directly supported via clicking that. It opens a browser to Flattr, and if your password is saved by the browser, it's just two click away to donate. Note that it's up to the app developers to add this button into their app introduction. You can ask them to add one for example by commenting the app in Jolla Store.

5. We divide your budget
At the end of each month, we divide your budget into as many pieces as you made flattrs. For example 25 flattrs will divide your budget into 25 pieces. With a 10 euro budget, each piece is 40 cents. Flattrs for people that don't yet have a Flattr account are not part of the division. These flattrs are saved for later and will be part of the division the month the creator signs up.

6. Creators receive your money
On the 10th date of the following month, your money is sent to the creators you flattred. They can then use it to create even better content for you to enjoy.

Creators receive 90% of the money you give.

Flattr guide for app developers (via Flattr blog):

1. Sign up and hit “I’m a creator”
It’s as simple as it sounds. Head over to and sign up with your email address, Twitter or Facebook. Choose “I’m a creator” in the next screen to get you started.
Editor's note:  On Jolla Harbour, just add your Flattr username and link to your app website to harbour application submission page, and submit the changes to QA. Button is visible in your app once the update has passed QA.

2. Connect your accounts
You’ll get a list of the eight services (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Flickr, Github, Vimeo, and 500px) we currently support. Simply connect with the services you use.
After you’ve made the connections you receive microdonations when supporters that use Flattr favorite, like and star your content!
3. Let your followers know you are flattrable
We can’t stress it enough how important it is to communicate with your followers that they can support you. This goes for Flattr as well as Kickstrater, donation buttons on your site or other good ideas you’ve come up with to enable your fans to support you.
4. You get your money
At the end of the month we divide all supporters monthly budget’s by the number of flattrs they’ve made and send the equally big parts to creators. 
Editor note: Developing for SailfishOS? 
You can also connect Flattr with for example your Github stars. When someone contributing via Flattr gives a star for your work there, you receive a Flattr piece also from that. You can also add a Flattr donation button into any website of yours. 
I also promise to add your own Flattr button to the article, if you post an app introduction/review for us to publish here at Review Jolla. 
Timo Könnecke suggested on Jolla Pioneer fans (fb) that we could also have a static page introducing app developers and their coding hobby here on top bar. If you want to be on that page, including your own Flattr button, please contact - let's see! Here's a PREVIEW
Even more 

Jolla's announcement (via Jolla Together)

Some of you have already noticed the implementation of Flattr in our development roadmap. The Jolla Store backend and client support have been released in the latest OS update Aaslakkajärvi, and we have just deployed Jolla Harbour support for Flattr earlier today.
In case you aren't familiar with Flattr, it is a micro donation service where consumers can donate money to content creators, e.g. app developers. With the Flattr icon prominently displayed in the description of your app, your users and fans can easily reach your Flattr profile and show their support through donations.
To enable this, you need to first register for a Flattr account. After that, please add your Flattr username and link to your app website to harbour application submission page, and submit the changes to QA.
Setting up the Flattr account is free. For each donation, Flattr keeps 10% and you receive 90%. Jolla does not take any of the funds.
For more details, please refer to the FAQ in Jolla Harbour, as well as the Flattr FAQ.
We hope you will find this a useful and flexible way to support your Sailfish OS development work. Thank you for your continued contributions to the Sailfish OS platform and community!
On behalf of Jolla Store/Harbour team, Carol.
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