Sunday, 19 April 2015

VIDEO Whatsup with hardware keyboard

Whatsup messaging client reaches Beta2 release and better hardware keyboard support

Whatsup is a client for messaging on Saifish OS Jolla phone and MeeGo/Harmattan devices like Nokia N9. The app is currently available for Jolla via dropbox file sharing link, and for Harmattan devices via Openrepos

Important: Dropbox or Openrepos are not official sources for applications. Installing any software from other than official sources is in your own responsibility. Any unofficial software might brick your device

[VIDEO] Whatsup with hardware keyboard

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Whatsup for Sailfish OS (Beta2 release 0.1-2) brings in
  • Changed profile panels
  • Fixed privacy password
  • Added Landscape mode 
  • Added Bookmarks page
  • Can save images in gallery
  • Fixed media bubbles size
  • Newer Sync function (back-end)
  • Added Custom read notifications
  • Added Clear chat history
  • Icons for bubbles options
  • And a lot more that I forget.....
Download links for the Sailfish OS version should be up to date here

Whatsup for Harmattan has already reached version 1.2.0

And look at this! Please also consider donating to the app developer CepiPerez, so that he can develop this great messaging client even further:

On the video above, please note that the TOHKBD keyboard is not in its final version (Prototype shown, for example the touch is still under development)

Also on the video, you might wonder how the app launcher screen contains folders with smaller app icons. That's achieved via patches, unofficial system tweaks requiring PatchManager. You can find more about it here

For information about the initial (Beta1) release, please check this post by Jolla Users!

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Source: TMO
Published: 2015-04-19 11;43 UTC
Updated: 2015-04-19 12:22 UTC

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