Wednesday, 1 April 2015

[April Fool's Review] Facebook Messenger for Sailfish OS

Now available on Jolla Store

We were a bit afraid that the FB Chat feature won't be available after the next update. Well, Jolla had a word with FB Devs, and they came to an agreement pretty fast - Chat On Sailors!

You can install this app from the official Jolla Store on your phone

[April Fool's Review] Facebook Messenger for Sailfish OS

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This is still a beta version, but it has passed the harbour QA in extra speed. Facebook team shared that the development was started right on the next day after Jolla contacted them about missing chat feature for XMPP Client in Facebook API version 2.

Jolla didn't share if they paid Facebook for this app, but they did shared that it was developed together with Facebook devs and Sailfish OS devs. Coderus was also asked to join the effort at some point, but he didn't want to join a closed source project.

App works pretty much like on windows phones - It's a facebook messenger, enabling chat with your FB friends, including group chats. The user interface is tuned up for Sailfish OS gestures, enabling nice usability with one thumb only. However, It's at this point missing a landscaper support.

Visit Jolla Store on your phone and use the search with word "Facebook" if you want this one. But please note: Until end of April, if you haven't updated to Sailfish OS 1.1.4 Äijänpäivänjärvi, you are still able to chat via Jolla's Messages app too.

Thanks for this Sailors at Jolla and Facebook Developers

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Published: 2015-04-01 17:24 UTC
Updated: 2015-04-02 05:07 UTC


  1. hahaha.. very funny...

  2. This was actually really annoying aprils fool.

    Lack of FB messenger will likely be the reason for me to go buy cheap Android phone (likely Moto G), as Facebook is the only communication gateway to my friends (Yeah yeah, and of course calling and real life meeting too but I bet you know what I mean).

    Android version of messenger doesn't really work on Jolla at all. So without it I'll be left out "of the world".

    Sad, it was somewhat fun but painful Sail. Maybe I'll check back in another 2-4 years after the Moto G dies...

    1. Yeah, next year I must be careful not to mix any annoying news into a prank... They are two different cases, will improve. Thanks for the feedback!

    2. If you are moving to android only for FB Messenger, then I think you should reconsider your move. The sailors will soon find an alternate way for FB Messenger.