Thursday, 9 April 2015

[minor warning] Update 12 rolling out for Early Adopters too early

But soon for everybody

Jolla owners who have joined the Early Adopter program by Jolla might accidentally update their Sailfish OS to version Äijänpäivänjärvi

This version is not officially released yet, and it might not be ready enough even for the Early Adopters. If you have joined the Early Adopter program, please see below how you can avoid installing it too early by accident:

Update 12 rolling out for Early Adopters too early

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You should not use "pkcon update" to update your applications and packets

Some Early Adopters have installed version via terminal, even that it's not officially released yet. You should not write "pkcon update" to update your applications and packets, as additional to the normal application and packet updates, this command will install parts of the next Sailfish OS update not yet released.

If you already had this accident, it seems that you can see the update installed with the old lake image. You can try to get help with more complete install (but still not necessarily full) following comments on this TJC post

There's a way to install more packages, but please note that if you haven't accidentally installed the next version, it's not recommended to install it yet at all. Please wait until you get the update notification, and then update your phone via Settings > Sailfish OS updates.

Details of this upcoming update can be found on the following posts:

Jolla's warning:

After some people did it...

But it seems not everybody got it with the new lake image:

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Sources: JPF, TJC, Twitter (above)
Published: 2015-04-09 17:14 UTC
Updated: 2015-04-09 20:32 UTC


  1. ***SPOILER ALERT - Don't read if you don't want to know a few of the new bits in SFOS***
    I purposely updated to and also got the correct lake image.
    The O/S already feels smoother, with a new transitions when switching fropm the ambience drawer, back to desktop, very sleek in my opinion.
    Then we have the split keyboard while in landscape mode in Messages and Email app, I like how the predictive words are centred and the split space bar.
    Some Jolla app icons have been updated, like the Terminal icon now has a fresher/new look to it.
    I'm sure there are a few more bits I haven't noticed/found yet, but well done to Jolla for this update - the whole phone feels, well,....a little tighter, more responsive. Great!

    1. Hi, I was about to delete your comment as I don't think mentioning the new features at this point would benefit anyone, instead they might encourage someone not_a_developer to try to intall the unofficial version in purpose - and that's what I'm WARNING about. We don't know any possible bugs and their affects at all before the release is announced, and things like user privacy could still be under work. What do you others think? Remove or let it be?

  2. Sharing here an important comment, submitted to TJC on April 16th, 2015 by one of the developers:

    "First: Directly updating via pkcon is dangerous, and may brick your device. version --dup avoids this, but does not do repository isolation, and may break your device if you have 3rd party repositories enabled during update."

    "Second: Releases are available on public infrastructure a short time before releasing so we're capable of doing update tests exactly as it'll be for end users. This means, if there are problems breaking your device on update they'll show up in that short period between "available on public infra" and "early access" -- and breaking your device during that period will _not_ be covered by warranty. We do not actively prevent anyone from getting their hands on those "close to release" versions, but you should only use it if you know the risks, and have a rescue system prepared to restore your device in case of failure."

    NOTE: Update was officially released to Early Adopters TODAY, and should be available via Settings > Sailfish OS updates, if you have joined the Early Adopters program using your Jolla account settings. Those who have, looking forward for your bug reports at TJC - You help many users sending those, sail on!