Saturday, 21 March 2015

User reviews: Applications provided by Jolla

Your Review of Jolla Phone gathered opinions on the essential apps

After about 150 reviews on Sailfish OS apps provided by Jolla, it's time to share the first averages, now reliable enough. Please keep up contributing, this will surely help Jolla in prioritizing their development

User reviews: Applications provided by Jolla

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After about 150 reviews including opinions on apps were posted, we have the first quite reliable information on how we evaluate the apps provided by Jolla. Scores are given in range of 1-5 and sorted by the average score:

Application Reviews Average score
Clock 153 4.37
Settings 159 4.19
Calculator 146 4.08
Messages 160 4.04
Phone 159 4.02
People 146 3.81
Notes 144 3.77
Gallery 160 3.7
Calendar 154 3.66
Store 159 3.63
Camera 160 3.58
Email 158 3.53
Documents 137 3.51
Media 140 3.46
Browser 161 3.36
Maps 148 3.14

In overall, applications reach total average score of 3.74, while the Jolla phone design, user interface and value for money are all nicely above 4. Also the display quality, and overall hardware quality are below 4 for the phone, but this might change for the tablet when it hits the markets in few months. With nice looking hardware and great resolution, user evaluations might leave the applications alone to lower the total score of the product.

What this means to Jolla: Especially low scoring apps above should be given a high priority in their iteration plans. Offering users better Maps (Navigation?), Browser (Why do we have to reload each tab?) and Media player (where's the video playing feature? What are these "Unknown artists"?) would give a great boost to the total evaluation.

More detailed view with graphical data on each app, updated automatic after each new review, can be found here

To join the contributing, you're welcome to do it here. Thanks for all your valuable reports posted so far, together we create better products for both ourselves and new Jolla customers!

Share and Shout! Your friends might read it.

Published: 2015-03-21 16:00 UTC
Updated: 2015-03-26 05:40 UTC


  1. These reviews should reach jolla, to get to work on improving their applications and get the maximum potential for your operating system.

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I'm happy to share that Jolla is reading my blog regularly, but we all hope this to advance fast, so this time I linked these results also to their community development platform TJC

    2. is gratifying to know that there are good blogs about jolla and sailfish thanks for their efforts to keep the community informed, on the other hand I think jolla to left a little together. otherwise you could not do a little review when the 2.0 upgrade sailfish comes?
      thanks Greetings.