Wednesday 18 March 2015

Jolla phone update: Sailfish OS Yliaavanlampi

Jolla system update 11

Sailfish OS Yliaavanlampi was first released to test users, and after a few weeks of feedback, to all users on March 3rd, 2015. What's new, what's still missing?

Note: Please ensure that you have ~1.5GB of free disk space before attempting to upgrade your Jolla

Please give your opinion of this update, we have already more than 1000 valuable user opinions, but it's not enough for the final purpose ;)

Jolla System update 11, March 3, 2015

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Jolla delivered this update two and a half  months after the previous public release. After some testing, I'm recommending to install the update "Sailfish OS Yliaavanlampi". It doesn't introduce too many new bugs, but instead delivers something nice for the user experience, for example enabling changing the ambience text colors manually.

In overall, response time seems better than earlier once again. Browser have better visuals, but in overall the browser is still too young - using Android browsers still here. The major lack, or a nice privacy feature (depending on your point of view) is that Android layer (Alien Dalvik) have no access to the Sailfish OS root (e.g. contacts, SD card) but only to the home folder in the file system. This, and the incompatibility with Play services, prevents some Android apps to work as they should. However, most of them do, even that some might claim otherwise.

Top10 features and fixes - full changelog at TJC

  • Notifications: New weather application with events feed integration available through store
  • Browsing: Jolla Browser received a new interface
  • Gallery: Colours in ambiences can be adjusted
  • Email: Email authentication capabilities can be auto detected
  • System: Improved low memory handling, now swap is properly taken into account
  • Security: 21 different issues (reported security vulnerabilities) have been fixed
  • Contacts: Fixed SIM import
  • TOHKBD support: Added support for keyboard TOH and other hardware keyboards, enabling hiding the virtual keyboard
  • Keyboard: Fixed language selection popup
  • Messages: Automatic download of MMS messages

Known issues, not yet fixed on this release

  • Browser: After zooming, some pages might dislocate links or buttons. Affecting on some web sites only. Recommended to use other browsers (webcat, Android browsers) on these sites until this is fixed.
  • Turn by turn voice navigation: This feature is not coming up, according to Jolla's answer at TJC. However, several Android navigation apps are reported to work just fine. I'm recommending NavFree from Aptoide Store
  • SD card: sometimes the card must be manually reattached to access the files
  • Video recording: Audio quality is reduced after few seconds of recording
  • Video codec issue: Videos recorded with Jolla camera and uploaded to internet without converting are not played by Jolla's own web browser. As a workaround, convert the clips (e.g. Youtube converts all uploaded videos automatic)
  • Sometimes Messages and Phone app show black active covers
  • calDAV and cardDAV services are in experimental stage. We have made some improvements with this update, however you may still face issues with certain service providers
  • Deleting photo from Camera roll may also delete the previous photo. If camera reel's pulley menu has "Show details" greyed out - means the photo hasn't been indexed yet. Deleting photo in such state will result in previous photo deleted too. If you wait long enough (~10-15seconds) for 'Show details' to become active, only that photo will get deleted when you choose to.

Yliaavanlampi is already tested by Early Adopters

Jolla announced Early Adopter Program on January 2015, enabling delivering the release candidates to volunteers among the customers earlier than the update is released for public. These Early Adopters received Yliaavanlampi already on February 19th, and this final version for their additional feedback already on February 25th.

By this feedback, Jolla fixed two more major bugs before releasing this update to all of us on March 3rd. You can find more information on this from these posts:

Problems after updating the system?

The next Sailfish OS update?

  • If Jolla will follow their latest announcement of monthly releases, already in April. However, There have been only 2 updates in the last 6 months, so let's prepare for some longer time. I'd like Jolla to update their releasing schedule with more accurate information
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Previous updates

Sailfish OS Yliaavanlampi - the name

We've kept you up to date with these Finnish lakes which Jolla is using in their release naming. Yliaavanlampi is yet another smaller lake (1,4 ha) located in southern Lapland of Finland.

"Yli" is a Finnish word used in meaning "on top of" or "over". "Aava" is a woman name, but also referred as an open sea area. "Lampi" is something smaller than an actual lake. The best translation I come up with, of the whole name "Yliaavanlampi" is "A pond much higher than the open sea"

There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than a few updates coming up.

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Photo: Typical pond in nature of Finland (not Yliaavanlampi). Public domain.
Published: 2015-03-18 15:41 UTC
Updated: 2015-03-18 16:09 UTC

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