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#MWC15 Photos: People Powered Jolla Booth

[Photos] People Powered Jolla stand,
Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Jolla's stand was in the middle of Hall 1, and the interest towards them was quite strong compared to the other stands around. Trying to share the feeling there with this set of photos:

#MWC15 Photos: People Powered Jolla Booth

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Andrew and Dirk, two great members in the Jolla community, had their post right on the booth, presenting their (and Kimmo's) Keyboard Other Half. Later they lost that table for other use, but these guys can handle any situation: They grabbed all the TOHKBD's and gave another presentation on the Microsoft stand - with as much interest there ;)

On Thursday, Dirk showed their awesomeness and multiple color and surface options of TOHKBD to Michael from Pocketnow for his video review

Irina was working overtime, but the nice smile and
focusing the visitors questions was constant

Jouni and Tomi, proud and happy for these two products:
Jolla Phone and Jolla Tablet

Ebba spent a lot of her time in the booth as well, the visitors just loved her



Carol, also interviewed

Pauliina, giving this presentation in Spanish

Stefano, this time on the stand on the stand

Simonas, also interviewed

One more of Dirk - must add, as he was so popular there

Marc, Juhani

Mika from SSH Communications Security, sharing plans on Sailfish Secure

Tim stayed on the back for the most of the time - but the award
was worth paying a visit to some paparazzis

Antti M, like all the others, was very proud of the award

Marc, proud as well, was loved both by the interviewers...

...and by the fans in the community. Like a rock star!
Rocking too? Yes! On the bass in Jolla Cruise Band

And let's not forget the Jolla Girls! For some history from two years back...
Photo courtesy: Original by Carol Chen

...and here thay are, back in 2014 with Juhani and Antti...
Photo courtesy: Original by Marc Dillon the beautiful Trio of 2015
Photo courtesy: Sepehr (James) Noori

This year, even more community ambassadors joined
in presenting the products with Jollagirls. Doing It Together!

But after the award was there, Jolla really needed each Jolla Girl, Jolla ambassador and as many of the Jolla Sailors as possible.
The stand got crowded up once again!

Luckily it was not as busy all the time, our community having some time for reviewing as well. James and Alexandro Doing It Together!

And some short time for relaxing and chatting - but not for too long.
Chen, SteP, Fra, Toni, Ernesto, Simo

I missed a personal photo of all the sailors, but here are the rest,
Doing It Together! By the way, what a position Marc!
Photo courtesy: Jolla Suomi

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