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Facts: Intex Aqua Fish smartphones

Updated on February 14, 2016 

Not here yet! Sailfish OS, operating system developed by Finnish Jolla Ltd. is aiming to be the 3rd OS in mobile world. So where are the devices? After Mobile World Congress Shanghai, a lot of wrong information of upcoming Intex smartphones has been spreading to the world.

I've been following the news closely and contacted Jolla and Intex when needed to keep you up to date with the latest info below:

Intex Aqua Fish - Sailfish OS smartphones manufactured in India

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Announced at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015

Intex didn't share even drawings yet, but Sanjay Kalirona, Head of Mobile Business at Intex, told this much to Indiatimes:
"We plan to launch the first Sailfish device in November. It will be 4G-enabled and will come under the sub-10K price range" 
Two Intex Aqua Fish smartphones were expected to be unveiled at MWCS15 after Intex published a short video clip for a moment. However, the video was soon held back and no phones were unveiled. Only the name of the smartphone was clearly visible, "Intex Aqua Fish", all around the Intex stand.

The device used for demoing Sailfish OS 2.0 at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 was only a reference device, according to Jolla. So, we have Jolla's press release, big things shared by to Jolla and their partners but nothing to see yet from Intex. They actually haven't even told if the reference device was manufactured by them or not. 

Update: To be introduced at Mobile World Congress 2016, Barcelona, Spain

Introduction of the phone will take place by Jolla during MWC16. While waiting, let's just gather all the known facts for our readers to not get mixed with specs and prices shared elsewhere:
  • Price: One of the models is in the price group below 10 000 INR. Price of possible other models is unknown.
  • Mobile networks: Phone(s) will support 4G LTE
  • Processor: unknown. Sailfish OS 2.0 supports Qualcomm Snapdragon processors of series 200, 400, 600 and 800 and Intel x86 models
  • RAM: unknown, speculated to be 2GB (my guess: 3GB)
  • Screen size: unknown, speculated 4.7" - 5"
  • TOH compatibility: unknown, speculated not to support

Update: To be launched to the markets in India

Jolla's announcement of sales by the end of 2015 in the markets in India has had two later corrections, first one shared by Antti Saarnio in Russia scheduling Sailfish India launch to Q1/2016, and second confirmed by Intex to us, scheduling the product launch to the first week of May 2016 in India.

The phone will be exclusively available only via Snapdeal online marketplace, and only in India.

Update: To be launched to the markets elsewhere?

Availability of Sailfish OS Intex Aqua Fish anywhere else but in India is yet behind thick curtains. Intex has already expanded their sales to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal and shared plans for Russia and Africa, but they do not list any specific phones except for Aqua Trend models.

But Intex has shared this much earlier on July 2015:
"Together with the Sailfish India ecosystem partners we believe that we can provide an exciting alternative for smartphone lovers in India and later globally as well."

Some earlier rumors, can be forgotten:
Jolla Phone or Intex phone?
  • Reference device used at Intex booth looks like a Jolla Phone, just in different covers, and it was used to showcase Sailfish OS 2.0. It might have had a demo version of the operating system as well.
  • Price INR 15000 (EUR 215) has been mentioned by an Intex representative, but not related to any specific model. 
  • On a shortly published video two different sized Sailfish OS models were shown. As not shared any more, video can't be used as a source of information - everything seen on such video might even have been cancelled later
  • Snapdragon 410 and 600 series have been mentioned, but not connected to any specific phone models
  • "In few months", "October", "September", and "November" are mentioned for launch. Nobody has mentioned December ;) Oops, I just did, so that's not true any more...
  • Oh and this was a nice tweet, by the way:

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  1. Some of you sailors are an impatient lot. If the deal does materialise - most probably with the Intex Aqua G4+. (I'd like a black one please) considering the very short lead time to market. That should have been the spec of the original Jolla phone - thats why I didn't buy one but I did order the tablet. Hopefully more news tomorrow - so take a deep breathe, have a good hot shower, sit down and relax.

  2. Specs to be improved more on INTEX Sailfish phone to meet the competitors with
    SoC - 615 / 815
    Ram - 1.5 GB(min)
    Internal - 16 GB and 32 GB model
    Expand - 64 GB and 128 GB model
    Rear Camera - 8MP and 13MP with flash
    Front Camera - 5MP and 8MP with flash
    Other features - NFC, Wi-Fi ac

    1. Interesting! Your source, if possible to share?

  3. that was really a stupid move to give first device to a less capable the time they introduce sd 400 device to the market there will be sd 450. again there will be another device with really outdated hardware is coming ... just like jolla one........... please do something..... please... otherwise people will forget about this wonderful software..........

    1. Which brands might be better for the launch in India in your opinion?