Thursday 16 July 2015

[News] Sailfish India ecosystem - Partnerspace user interface

Jolla announces big companies to build an ecosystem Sailfish India

Intex Technologies, a major player in the mobile handsets, consumer durables and IT products. Snapdeal, a huge online marketplace. Times Internet, India's largest media and entertainment group, have gathered together with Jolla Ltd. to take advantage on the growing e-commerce markets in India. How?

[News] Sailfish India, new ecosystem announced by Jolla Ltd. brings "partnerspace" into Sailfish OS 2.0 devices

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The list of the participants gives an idea of the size of this announcement, but what does this really mean?

In short, there will be a partnerspace, screen reserved for paid services, integrated into Sailfish OS 2.0 devices. It'll be implemented as part of the user interface, easily reachable by the end customers.

Sailfish India hopes to offer their customers value adding services in this space, and via that get their customers to use it for their online shopping. In the best case both parties might benefit a lot. Let's have the comments on this from all the participants of Sailfish India

Dr. Antti Saarnio, Executive Chairman of Jolla:
"In our BRICS country strategy we have been proceeding fastest in India, which is one the most important markets in the future of mobile. We have seen a lot of interest among Indian device vendors, digital media houses, and mobile operators, and they all are very keen to work with an alternative to the currently dominating mobile operating systems. India deserves its own regional mobile ecosystem, an open platform, which supports local Indian services and businesses.”
“We are very excited to partner and work with Intex Technologies, a challenger and now a leader in its own field in India. We see Intex as a fast moving, growth company that is ready to disrupt the market just like Sailfish OS. Also, we are thrilled to have our new content, and e-commerce partners Times Internet and Snapdeal join the movement.”
 Mr. Sanjay Kalirona, Head of Mobile Business, Intex Technologies:
“We are very excited to be the world’s first licensing partner for Sailfish OS. We look forward to utilising the great user experience of the next generation Sailfish OS 2.0 in our products. Together with the Sailfish India ecosystem partners we believe that we can provide an exciting alternative for smartphone lovers in India and later globally as well. With an open platform like Sailfish OS we have a magnificent opportunity to offer great locally relevant premium content to our customers, all integrated directly into the smartphone’s operating system.”
Karan Khara, VP Strategic Alliances, Snapdeal:
“Mobile is driving the online commerce growth in India; we see more than 75% of our sales coming through the mobile platform. We are very excited to be a part of another first by Jolla and are confident that the Sailfish India ecosystem will receive a great response from users across the country.” 
Pratik Mazumder, Marketing Head, Times Internet:
“We believe that the way Sailfish OS is enabling services to be more prominently present in the user interface of the operating system offers both consumers and content owners great new advantages especially when our services like and will be a part of their partner zone, a premium location in the OS. We’re honored to be a part of the Sailfish India ecosystem, providing exciting content to the Indian smartphone users.”
Antti Saarnio, Jolla, continues:
“We strongly believe that services, which are integrated on the OS level in a prominent location will get ten times more user exposure and will generate multiple times higher user revenues (ARPU). Sailfish OS user interface is designed to support higher ARPU generation for our content and e-commerce partners. With Intex devices combined with quality content from Times Internet and Snapdeal this new business concept is going to have a world premier in India. Jolla is proud to be in the frontier with its Indian ecosystem partners, and introduce new business models for the whole mobile industry.” 

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By: Review Jolla
Source: Jolla Press
Published: 2015-07-16 06:40 UTC
Updated: 2015-07-16 06:40 UTC

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  1. I bet most of the users will hate the partnerspace and try to remove it asap after receiving the device ;) Hopefully I brings some value and that it does happen / Jolla does not need to lock the OS/UI the way that partnerspace is not possible to be removed. If I've understood correctly, Jolla's revenue is mostly coming from transactions (purchases / clicks) and not from licensing fee of Sailfish. Ofcourse they can charge something for development work.