Wednesday 2 September 2015

Jolla Tablet - latest features, minor delay

Hall Sensor (video), better USB port, and 4th display delay

Marko Saukko at Jolla shares another interesting update on the crowdfunded Sailfish OS Jolla Tablet, shipping soon.

There's been a new delay in the manufacturing, but Jolla is still promising shipping soon, and introduces the latest changes on the hardware. On the software side, one of the new features is still missing on 1.1.9

Jolla Tablet - latest features, minor delay

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New: Jolla Tablet Hall Sensor - Here's how it's supposed to work:

The Hall Sensor requires a supported flip cover, accessory to be sold separately. However, this feature has not yet software support on the shipping release 1.1.9.x Eineheminlampi. The shipping release includes most parts of the Sailfish OS 2.0 user interface, but this is one of the missing parts to be introduced in a later software update, maybe already on 1.2.0.x

USB port was changed earlier from type A/B (below) to type B (on top).

Good improvement which acually prevents accidental breaking of the connector port

Logo to portrait. Minor design improvement, as Jolla found out that this might look better.

What do you think? New design is on the left side

And then... How many delays can a display cause? Well, here's the latest:

Wrong address, returned to sender. And we are talking about a huge shipment of displays coming from factory to laminating. Well, luckily the displays are now in the right place, arrived today. Chinese celebration days stops the process for few days more, but this shouldn't cause a big delay the the shipping schedule.

Shipping was originally planned for May 2015, announced delayed three times after that, latest info dating the shipment to start on early September. But great news - this might still happen. Marko Saukko at Jolla shares:
But rest assured: we will have the devices assembled with good quality in time for shipping.

Jolla starts to send shop invitations for the first crowdfunding customers in few days, and promises another post regarding shipping schedule already on this week. If I got it right, the display lamination will start eraliest on September 7th, but there's no hint how long that will take, and what if the laminating factory have already scheduled something else for that week? More on this in few days, in the meanwhile, please read the full update by Marko Saukko on Jolla Blog

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By: Review Jolla
Sources: Jolla Blog
Published: 2015-09-02 14:46 UTC
Updated: 2015-09-02 15:16 UTC


  1. Happily this features at the moment are from the suitable area, turned up currently. Far east bash days to weeks ceases accomplishing this intended for 7 days far more, although that need not produce a massive hold up this this shipment program.

  2. German translation of the video already done..
    The days go by and one day, my grandson, I’ll get my jolla tablet.