Monday 7 September 2015

Jolla Phone and Koor Wood skins

DIY project - Sleep Catcher case, and few other options for Jolla Phone

My wife saw Koor Wood skins for smartphones and she couldn't resist them. Luckily, this manufacturer has notified Jolla Phone as well. But still, she wanted to have a full case too to keep her Jolla safe, so we ended up with this DIY project. Looking forward to see what else Jolla fans might come up with these skins.

DIY project - Decorating Jolla Phone with Koor Wood skin

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Pieces used in this project
  • Few Koor Wood skins
    (top left and right)
  • Lastu case, seen some use
    (2nd on top)
  • Insmat case, also used a lot
    (top middle)
  • Keira Black The Other Half (bottom right)
And always when I try to start something with natural products...

...our cat loves to join. Especially when there's a scent of forest and bee wax, like in these skins. Koor Wood makes wooden skins for different smartphones, including Jolla Phone skins.

The packages were quite exclusive, having even round wooden shields. I was careful and removed the shield with a knife - maybe it'll be useful in this project as well.

And above is the whole content of one package. On the other side of the package there was even more wood. That's quite fragile piece, having less height, so be very careful if you want to keep that in one piece.

The skin itself has a water based adhesive, covered with a paper. It's possible to attach it directly onto the device or other surface, and as it's water based, easy to remove as well if wanted.

I wanted to do some modeling before removing the paper, testing this skin with different Jolla Phone TOH's:

On top of The First One
3D printed one
Snow White
Keira Black
and Aloe

We definitely didn't want to cover "The First One" smartcover. But Keira Black and Snow White seemed pretty nice with this, and Aloe too. We ended up with trying to embed this one into the Insmat leather case:

First I made a top mark into the leather to get the camera holes into correct height. But I was afraid I'd cut the wood if cutting more like this, so...

...I cut a correct sized piece of the carbon in the package...

...and used that for cutting the leather.

That was surprisingly easy, but don't cut too deep - there are two layers in the side that bends, and cutting one layer (unlike what happened to me) would have been enough.

Some glue to the area with that mistake, and on we go.

Removing the tape from the Koor Wood skin was more than easy, and as easy was fitting the skin to its place. Well... I made a small mistake placing the camera holes too far right.

Pressing the glue between leather and wood must be done carefully to avoid ugly end result. And as you can see below, there's another miss in my leather cutting on the top corner 

I glued the inside as well, and let it dry for some 20 minutes with this flexible glue. Then I removed some extra glue, using a knife. In the end I glued my mistake cut as well, but that wasn't all too easy to clean up

Also the round shield from the package found its place on the front side.

And here's the Insmat case with Koor Wood skin from the back. I needed to tune with the camera and flash holes, widening them to the left, but that was my own fault in the first place. However, I was happy with the result in the end

 The easiest way to use these skins is to attack them directly on The Other Half smartcover. Keira Black smartcover liked the Koor Wood fireplace skin on it

But of course, only a short while later, I could't watch my wife's phone any more without doing something new to mine as well...

Thanks to my wife for the outdoor photography - here's how she likes her new case. She tends to be quite honest on her opinions:
"Hi Jolla fans! My husband asked to share an opinion on my 'new' case. First of all, I like it's self made, and I like the feel of wood with leather.
The skin is waxed instead of having lack on top of it, so it feels even more natural. My daughter's first comment was 'sikasiisti' when she saw this, which means 'cool as a pig'. Positive 'youngster language' here in Finland.
The symbols in these skins are unique, and the 'sleep catcher' symbol I selected for my case will catch the best messages arriving into my phone :) "

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edit: Oops, on Jolla, these projects should of course end with adding an ambience ;)

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Published: 2015-09-07 11:45 UTC
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  1. I am here to say well done. They look beautiful. I couldn't believe you cut the leather to insert the wood. Great idea indeed.

  2. There are Chinese characters (卓蓝) on that sticker 0_0!