Sunday 23 November 2014

[video] Marc Dillon, Slush 2014 event

Slush 2014 Event, Helsinki, Finland

Marc Dillon, COO and Co-Founder at Jolla was up on Silver stage, Slush 2014 on Wednesday, November 19 sharing "impossible story", and revealing a new Sailfish OS device: Jolla Tablet

Video Updates:
 - Marc Dillon on stage by Slush
 - Marc Dillon's interview by Joonas Villanen 

Marc Dillon, Slush 2014

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Marc Dillon - Jolla, The impossible story continues[video source: Slush Youtube channel]

Marc Dillon - Jolla, interview
[video source: Joonas Villanen Youtube channel]

The new Jolla Tablet is the world's first crowd funded tablet. Thousands of devices are already pre-ordered, and the campaign reached it financial goal in 2h and 15 minutes after the device was presented by Marc. Right now the 4rd pledge batch is selling out, and pledges are reaching $1 million very soon (hurry up to get yours for a discounted price)

Find out more about the Jolla Tablet
Order your own, participate the project

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Video courtesy: Slush, Joonas Villanen
Published: November 20, 2014 14:50 UTC

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