Wednesday 19 November 2014

[Translated news] Interview with Antti Saarnio, CEO at Jolla

YLE News, Finland:
Jolla wishes to cooperate with Nokia

YLE News interviewed Antti Saarnio, CEO at Jolla at the Slush conference on Wednesday. News was published in Finnish today, here's the same in English:

Jolla, who introduced a new tablet device at Slush conference, searches major manufacturers as partners. Finnish companies must work together, says Antti Saarnio, Chairman at Jolla.

[Translated] Jolla wishes to cooperate with Nokia

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Operating system company Jolla introduced the new tablet device on Wednesday at Slush event. Jolla shares that they are looking for major equipment manufacturers as new partners. They also aim to partner with Nokia:
"If Nokia is in agreement, then without a doubt. Of course, Finnish companies have to cooperate", Jolla's Chairman Antti Saarnio said to YLE [Finnish television and news agency] at Slush.
"We are a player in the operating system markets, not a manufacturer. Our goal is not to be a big tablet manufacturer. We do not have muscles required to enter the world markets in a large volume with our own unit, but we are willing to license this operating system to anyone", Saarnio continued.
Nokia, in turn, introduced their new N1-tablets at Slush conference yesterday.

Saarnio considers it likely that the new partners can be found among the Asian players. He refuses to reveal more details of ongoing financial or partnership negotiations.

Some prototypes of the Tablet already manufactured

Jolla's new tablet, introduced on Wednesday, operates with an updated version of Jolla's own operating system Sailfish OS. So far, there are only few prototypes ready.

Jolla believes their operating system to facilitate the user experience. According to Saarnio, the speciality of the operating system is the use of multiple applications at the same time. The user is able to have a number of applications open on the screen at the same time, and user can easily move back and forth within them.
"In all other tablets, the running applications are hidden. It also leads to a difficult question on the usability time, as the battery wears in a flash", Saarnio describes.
The company's development work continues with crowd funding financial models. Jolla wishes to have a number of users into their financial campaign, ordering their own tablets and participating in the development of the device and the study of the user experience. The finished tablet is set to be on the market next spring.

Jolla's first smartphone went on sale last year
"The logical continuation for an operating system company is to expand into offering a new user experience, which is a tablet", said Saarnio.

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Disclaimer: The translation is written based on YLE News article how it was at November 19, 2014 13:13 UTC. Possible updates to the original post are not translated. Direct quotations of Saarnio's comments have been checked with him after the translation.

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