Saturday 19 July 2014

Stereo images with Jolla camera

Weekend fun: Tweak with your senses

Look at the pair of images below with your "eyes crossed" (like when looking at your own nose) so that you will find an illusion of a third image in between these two. No 3D glasses needed.

You'll also find instruction how to produce your own 3D images either with the stereo effect or with colored pair of glasses. Have fun!

Here we used two Jolla's standing on a table next to each other. Turn your eyes and please comment if you see this in 3D or not!

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Note: Images above might not fit next to each other in all browsers. They must be on the right and left for this eye trick to work.

You can use just one Jolla for shooting stereo images with a similar effect: Changing the position of the phone about 10cm left or right between the photos does the trick. However, using only one camera, the images might need some retouching (cropping) to get them match with each other afterward. Tip for this: Crop the images to the same size and find a bottom line object to aim both crops to.

Here's yet another way to produce 3D images with Jolla
(colored pair of glasses needed)

  • Install app named "Filter"
  • Shoot the images like above
  • Open the images in "Filter" app and apply the RGB filter to both of the photos, matching the color of your 3D glasses (e.g. blue & red). 
  • TIP: The colors should match exactly with both lenses, using one lens at a time while filtering is helpful. Try to aim for two "invisible" photos when looking through left or right lens
  • Save the images and send them to your computer via Bluetooth or email them to yourself
  • Open them in your image manipulating program. Copy another image and paste in as a layer on top of another image with 50% opacity
  • As a result, you should have one two-colored image which looks like a black and white 3D image when looked through your colored pair of glasses

Tip: You can easily make a pair af 3D glasses with two opposite colored fold added to any pair of glasses.

Best color pairs for this are opposite color in the color circle, e.g.
  • Red and Green
  • Blue and Orange
  • Yellow and Violet

If you manage to shoot a nice 3D image with your Jolla, please share it in your comment. You can also hurt your eyes even more by Googling "stereo image". Have fun but don't overdoze - your eyes might be left that way ;) (joke)

Published: July 19, 2014 13:27 UTC

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