Sunday 6 July 2014 - A peek in after a while

[updated] TJC after 7 months of use:, launcher December 12, 2013, is a portal between Jolla's customers, app developers and employees. After seven months in use Jolla phone owners have found TJC to be a working platform. Today Jolla has granted moderation rights to the first two community members. Let's see where we stand now after seven months:

After 7 months Jolla Together portal (TJC) is still active:

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  • UPDATE July 8, 2014: Jolla has added two community members into their moderator team. Until today all "official" moderation was done by Jolla employees and more or less "unofficial" moderation by all the users - which is, of course still possible and also recommended to keep the platform usable
  • Group of Android phone users reporting issues about Jolla Launcher app have joined TJC lately
  • Currently: 4 000 registered users, 50 000 posts of which 6300 are active (unsolved) questions
  • Significant drop in the voting percentage compared to the beginning
    - Questions gather a lot of views but not too many votes
    - Each registered user has 30 daily votes. Reason for not using them is unknown
  • Only 51 of the active questions are roadmapped, 9 of these are reported bugs
    - roadmap-tag is added to enhancements/bugs which have been scheduled to upcoming updates

Most voted questions (not yet implemented)

  1. offline-downloadable-map-data-and-turn-by-turn-navigation-in-maps
  2. add-possibility-to-configure-what-is-shown-on-the-lock-screen
  3. system-wide-clipboard-copy-paste-capability
  4. jolla-randomly-shuts-down-10716
  5. cover-action-on-settings-app
  6. show-calendar-entries-in-events-view
  7. imap-idle-imap-push-for-the-e-mail-app
  8. sip-voip-native-integration
  9. reboot-or-boot-options-on-pressing-power-button
  10. we-need-a-scheduler-or-automation-tool-like-profilematic-or-situations
3, 4, 7 above are the only ones with roadmap tag at the moment. 3/10 now compared to 7/10 earlier rises a question: Is Jolla still listening to their customers? Listening or not, your welcome along! Register at and let's vote our opinion up again, loud enough so that we're heard over the sea! Sails up sailors!

Original article - published January 18, 2014 after one month of the launch of TJC, launcher December 12, 2013, is a portal between Jolla's customers, app developers and employees. After a month in use Jolla phone owners have found it as a welcome and a well used service. More than 2500 questions are posted, and more than 1500 of them have at least one answer. Adding all the answers and comments there are more than 16 000 posts so far.

Jolla has developed the portal further by adding a Jolla logo to all the members working at Jolla, and currently they are welcoming some more moderators from the user side. Users have done their best avoiding duplicate posts and tags, but as there are many of us, there's some cleaning to do all the time. We're doing it together, and in my overall experience the portal is working somewhat great, but it can always get better.

Most important issues (TOP10, lifted up by the users) in the beginning have been:
  1. Differentiate native SailfishOS and Android apps in Jolla store
  2. Landscape mode in keyboard, gestures, browser and messages
  3. Support for CalDav-based calendars (e.g. Google Calendar)
  4. Offline turn by turn navigation in Maps
  5. mms - multimedia message [closed]
  6. After screen time out, return to last active app
  7. Folder support in app launcher
  8. Add possibility to configure what is shown on the lock screen
  9. Cover-action on settings app
  10. WiFi tethering [closed]
Jolla is responding to their users wishes, and most of the requests above (and many others) are already roadmapped by Jolla. A 'roadmap' tag is added to the questions by Jolla after they have taken the issue under development. Only 3 of the top10 questions are still waiting for a solution:
  • #4 (Jolla's answer: We're thinking about it)
  • #8 (Jolla's answer: Good explanation why it is the way it is, but still looking into this)
  • #9 (Jolla's answer actually seems like it's roadmapped, but for some reason it isn't)
If you have a Jolla phone but you haven't joined this portal yet, I recommend doing so. Not only to get your questions answered (either by Jolla or other users), but also to be in the heart of this unlike community. We Do It Together (DIT) and we welcome everybody along.

source: TJC (
published: January 18, 2014
updated: July 8, 2014


  1. For browsing with Jolla, there's a app now:

    1. Samuli's great app was later published on Jolla Store too, +1 from me!