Friday 25 July 2014

Jolla towards new markets: Казахстан [Kazakhstan]

Russian language store starts selling Jolla

Opening of the first shop selling Jolla phones outside EU, Switzerland and Norway takes place at July 25, 2014 

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In India, Jolla partnered up with a huge online marketplace and we expected this to be the first market outside EU, Switzerland and Norway. Well, it might be that we we're wrong - Kazakhstan starts selling Jolla phones and a Russian language Jolla site has been opened . Additionally, it seems to be the world's first 'real store' concentrated on brand Jolla

What, Where, When?

Store "Jolla Almaty" is located in a shopping mall Ritz Palace, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Official opening of the store: July 25, 2014 at 11:00 local time

Jolla Kazakhstan shared in their Facebook page that Marc Dillon should be present in the opening

First Jolla phone has already been delivered

June 26, 2014 Winner of a charity auction takes advices about his winning - a brand new Jolla phone. According to Jolla Kazakhstan the auction was organized to promote the new store and to help local veterans.

Jolla visiting the store

June 23, 2014 Irina Avetisova-Halonen, E-commerce director at Jolla and Taru Aalto, Sales Director at Jolla visited the new Jolla store. "Lovely Finnish girls", any further conversations were kept as secret. Vladimir Senchenko is the marketing director of Mobile Invest, company behind the store

Back to the future

Opening will take place at the same day with a flashmob happening at the mall. More information about the opening of Jolla Almaty: See the Facebook event (Russian language)

Pre-order campaign

Pre-order campaign similar to the one seen in Finland was going on for a while. As the store is now opening for real, we assume that there have been enough of pre-orders among the customers in Kazakhstan. At least their Facebook page has gathered nice amount of audience already in the beginning.

We wish our fellow Sailors the best possible winds for their sails, now let's see how fast Jolla opens in sales in Russia. Meanwhile, you can check the Jolla Kazakhstan site in pure Russian language:

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Sources: Jolla Kazakhstan, Kazinform news, Facebook, Linked In, Press release, Jolla Oy
Photo courtesy: Jolla Kazakhstan Facebook page, more in FB Album
Published: 2014-07-25 09:30 UTC
Updated: 2015-07-25 09:30 UTC


  1. Did they, Mobile Invest, use those "Hello Sailor" images in their marketing?

    1. I wouldn't think so, they are shared in facebook not mentioning Mobile Invest

  2. Heh, well colour me surprised, very surprised...

    1. umm... Sorry, what do you mean by that?

    2. Just surprised, not meant as a criticism, I'm glad to see they're prepared to go to all corners of the planet in order to get a foothold.

      Countries like Kazakhstan can be risky to do business in, with very weak rule of law etc, but hopefully it'll be a risk that'll pays off!

    3. Not taken as criticism, although that's always welcome as well ;) I agree with you and just hope it'll pay off well with the local partner Mobile Invest. But what did you mean by the word colour?

    4. You mean: "colour"?
      Americans spell colour as "color", most commonwealth nations spell it as colour (although that's been changing IIRC).

      Or did you mean the phrase: "Well colour me surprised"?
      It's an expression or colloquialism...


    5. LOL, thanks, learning the language here :)

    6. No prob, you're doing better than me, I don't know a single word of Finnish, let alone slang/colloquialisms!

    7. Correction, I do know one Finnish word, "Jolla" ;-P