Sunday 13 July 2014

Sailfish OS July update - first drops of information

Update July 13, 2014:
Video of the upcoming Glance Screen added

First drops of information of the Sailfish OS July update are pushing through in TJC. Here's a quick list of the questions selected to the update so far. Please note that these are planned, but the official release notes published later might show more (probably) or less fixes than you find here.

Included in the upcoming update, accordind to TJC

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  1. [feature] UI: I am too much used to the "glance screen" feature of Nokia N9 and my current Nokia Lumia device. Glance screen is the information displayed on the device's screen when device is idle. For example it shows the time and notifications so that you don't have to wake up the phone to look at the time or see the notifications.

    Video by Nicholas Suffys
  2. [feature] Messaging: The next update (update 8) should have automatic saved drafts for messages. They are saved when you switch pages or close the app, and will be there when you go back to that conversation. That works for new messages too.
  3. [feature] Calendar: Cover should show future appointments
  4. [improvement] Email app: Deleting emails does not update unread counter
  5. [improvement] Contacts: Company name as main item in contacts
  6. [bug] front camera: orientation in Android apps
  7. [bug] Pulley menu: fading doesn't always work
  8. [bug] Browser: using only number as search keyword doesn't work
  9. [bug] App development: ComboBox with >6 menuItems does not trigger onClicked
  10. [Bug] Alarm clock: Default clock alarm tone played when device is set to silent
  11. [Bug] Email app: long link in email, mail-app scaling all text unreadable
  12. [missing "+" sign] Recipient selection when composing MMS from Gallery
The release date of the next system update is yet unknown.

You can already try the Glance Screen action seen on the video if you have enabled the Developer mode on your Jolla. Use the terminal, enter root mode with command devel-su [enter] and your password [enter]. The rest you write is tweeted by Thomas, thanks for sharing!

Disclaimer: The complete list of fixes and improvements will be released later, and it might or might not include the issues above. Information here is based on tags added by Jolla employee to the questions in Together Jolla Portal.
Published: July 7, 2014 20:25 UTC
Updated: July 13, 2014 14:41 UTC


  1. What's the point in LPM when it's not an AMOLED screen?

    1. Yep, due to that it shouldn't stay on more than for a while. I think the point is just that a double tap is not needed, as the screen lights up when opening flip case cover / taking the phone out of pocket / hover your hand over the phone close enough to the proximity sensor