Tuesday 24 November 2015

It's not the delays, it's that the world is slow

Open letter to Jolla community: Through the tough times

Antti Saarnio, Head of Jolla shares reasoning for Jolla's  current financial issues and explains the problems in the crowdfunded Jolla Tablet campaign. The main issue behind all the problems is that Jolla is still waiting for the world to discover Sailfish OS as an alternative option to Android and iOS.

It's not the delays, it's that the world is slow

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In short:
  • Jolla Tablet project has caused 1.7M USD loss, as most of the crowdfunded money has been needed for software development
  • The main cause for the current financial issues are not the delays in the Tablet campaign, but the fact that the world hasn’t yet found Sailfish OS as an option, and Jolla’s funding in general
  • Currently, getting 10M USD of investments for December seems to be needed for Jolla to recover
  • “We are also analyzing different alternatives to solve the Tablet project and compensate to our customers for the late or missing deliveries”, says Saarnio

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By: Review Jolla
Via: Jolla Blog
Published: 2015-11-24 11:15 UTC
Updated: 2015-11-24 11:43 UTC


  1. Thanks for the summary. I'd like to share this via TJC, written by MSameer, one of the Jolla sailors still in house, as it's worth at least my respect. Maybe also for trust for people feeling disappointed in the current situation:

    "As a Jolla employee -who is still an employee- despite the layoff notice, I can tell you that there is still hope in the company surviving. I unfortunately cannot give more details but I know of efforts being done to pull the company from its existing state.

    Trust me that even though I kind of know what is going on, there is nothing yet concrete to communicate.

    The tablet project is in the minds of all of us. Our management is trying to figure out ways to solve the situation and compensate you. I heard the discussion with my own ears a few hours ago. We are just trying to figure it out.

    How all this will affect the Jolla phone or the updates? I have no idea. All I know is we are trying to push out the next update but it's just hard given the amount of sailors we have now.

    Sailors tried to do their best. You don't know when was the last time we got payed yet we were still trying to push the software forward..."

  2. "Update" is not the need of the hour. What Jolla needs now is a big business partner just like Intex. And also, Intex needs to start rolling out "Sailfish - Intel" devices. I hope this will get Jolla out of its current situation.

  3. Thank you for this update. I saw this nice blog when I was searching for a way to cast/mirrio content from my Jolla to the tv. (doesn't work unfortunately). This blog was and still is really informative. I cannot post on the official Jolla blog, because of aan account problem with Jollatogether.
    I am a 'babyboomer', remember me the idealistic seventies, but also the failures. So I know now that you have to generate money if you want to be a healthy company. Open source is a nice ideal, but Jolla cannot live from opensource. Also 'free internet' is an ideal. Most people want everything for free too. Apple started with apps at a low price and free apps. Google with free searching. But 'free' does not exist. 'Free' steals your data or/and bombs you with ads. I want to pay for good stuff. FairPay. Also for good apps. and games. Jolla did not have a system for fair pay (Flattr:no) so it does not attract the best app-creators. Jolla must have a good rewarding system for dev's and for consumers. Also the possibility to have in-app purchases ,otherwise it will not survive.
    Dillon was mistaken when he said: apps are not important. They are and the lack of good apps kills every initiative.

  4. actually nobody knows about jolla in my area. not enough promo was made. i still think that bric is a good idea. europe is Androidized. in india i.e. are still a lot of symbians

  5. Have a look at snapdeal and you will see how andronized India is. In fact we all are, for it is hard to post on this blog if you have no google account and no google search engine on your device or computer.
    I consider the words of Saarnio as completely wrong. When the first iphone was launched, you could do more with it than with a Jolla now. It is a gotspe to say that the world is not ready. Sailfish was too early on the market and non-tech people could (more than half of the world) not handle it.

    1. yes and no: snap deal represents the middle class. 300 mio still do use old nokias.. take a bus and you ll see.
      about not beeing ready, yes, but end of 2014 it was usable. they should have advertized then more