Thursday 29 January 2015

[News] Jolla Tablet 64Gb now crowdfunding

2nd round on Indiegogo introduces Jolla Tablet with more internal memory storage

Finland, January 29, 2015: After a succesful tablet campaign back in 2014, Jolla reopens it on Indiegogo. Those who already financed the 32Gb tablet last year are offered an option to upgrade to 64Gb with just $25 extra investment

[News] Jolla Tablet 64Gb now crowdfunding

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There are some upgrades and some downgrades to the previous information, mostly complying with user feedback shared at

  • Instead of microSDXC support, the Jolla tablet will support 128Gb memory cards with Open Source formats. This means that if the card is formatted to any other formats than SDHC (max 32Gb), Microsoft Windows devices or other SDXC marked devices are not able to read the content of the card. Users who financed the campaign have had their word on this, and they didn't want their money to be directed to Microsoft in a form of licencing of the SDXC (What really happened):

    "We apologise for the lack of full Windows support here, but we feel that this suits best with our community's wishes and the Jolla values."
  • Proximity sensor, which is more common in mobile phones (shutting down the screen when it's close to the ear), is dropped from the plans, and instead 2 other sensors are added. Jolla tablet will include  these four sensors: 
    • Accelerometer
    • Light sensor
    • Gyroscope
    • Compass
  • Jolla Tablet will include slightly better battery capacity than told earlier. Upgrade from 4300mAh to 4450mAh, bringing about 3% more uptime.


  • Jolla Tablet 32GB: $219
  • Jolla Tablet 64GB: $249
  • 64GB upgrade for early birds: $25 **
  • Shipping: $20
  • The Combo: Tablet 32GB & Phone: $419
  • The Combo: Tablet 64GB & Phone: $449
** available for people who already perked the 32Gb tablet during 2014

Campaign time

Jolla opened the campaign today, January 29th, and shared that it'll stay open at least until the end of February.

2014 funded tablets are on schedule and are due to be shipped during May 2015. This 2nd round of tablets are to be shipped right after that, delivery estimated to happen during the next month.

It's slightly unclear if the tablets upgraded from 32Gb to 64Gb with the early birds option are shipped within the first batch, but we believe that is the plan.


Tech specs

Campaign round 1

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Published: January 29, 2015 14:47 UTC
Updated: February 14, 2015 13:14 UTC
Source: Official Jolla Blog

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