Sunday 22 October 2017

Notice to our Flattr subscribers

Sailfish OS Reviews: Thank you Flattr, time to move on

Due to the updated Terms of Use in Flattr, Sailfish OS Reviews no longer finds Flattr as the best way for our readers to support our content. Thanks to Flattr for easy support options so far, but now our Flattr button will be taken down on October 31, 2017.

Update: Now removed. Don't mind it on older posts before July.

Sailfish OS Reviews drops Flattr button

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First, a huge thanks for everyone who have supported our content via Flattr, and huge thanks to the Flattr team for enabling easy support for our readers so far. Unfortunately, as our readers are mostly elsewhere but in the US, the latest update in Flattr Terms of Use is not for us.

The decision to not accept the new Flattr Terms of Use was due to future demand of credit card and limiting contributions to USD currency. Flattr takes their renewed platform into use on October 24, 2016. Flattr gave their existing users 6 weeks to declare if not accepting their updated terms, and we're using this time just to reach the end of month.

Users willing to support us via Flattr for the last time can still do it during October.

For our future options we're open for suggestions. If you have some nice ideas, please leave a comment. Sailfish OS Reviews is especially keen for open source solutions enabling support from readers living in several countries. Sailfish OS has expanded or is expanding to: EU, Norway, Switzerland, India, Russia, China and South America, and we're serving all English speaking readers (and maybe one day in Spanish as well) in these areas. Sure, if Sailfish OS sails to US one day, we might consider picking Flattr back. But for now, please suggest another service we might use starting on November 2017.

Sailfish OS Reviews also encourages our readers to support the development of Diaspora, which is an open source social media platform supporting XMPP chat. Via Diaspora, Sailfish OS users can for example use chat integrated directly to the People app and Messages app on your device. This is done via joining any Diaspora pod supporting chat (see "Services offered"), and activating XMPP Account on your Sailfish device with your Diaspora credentials.

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Sources: Flattr Terms of Use, Flattr Blog
Published: 2017-10-22 12:16 UTC
Updated: 2017-10-31 20:10 UTC


  1. whatever solution comes up here - hopefully it could be reused for supporting Sailfish OS app developers, even from apps themselves...

  2. sounds interesting. Maybe it is worth a look.