Friday, 31 January 2014

Could Jolla drop Beta sign with Sailfish OS Naamankajarvi

Sailfish Naamankajärvi 

Install: Settings --> About product --> pulley menu, check for updates. WLAN recommended.

System update in short

This is the third larger update for Sailfish, released 31-Jan-2014. Jolla has suprised their users with featuring a possibility to unlock the bootloader (OEM lock release), better landscape usability (now in: camera, gallery, browser), better battery life (NFC bug fix), calendar improvements and much more.

As the NFC bug will be fixed with this update, you can remove the temporary masking with this detailed guide. Masking can be safely removed either before or after installing the update.

    Top10 picks from the update (full changelog -

    • OpenSource improvement: Possibility to unlock the bootloader (under new recovery menu)
    • Battery life: NFC bug fix for better battery life 
    • Browser: Landscape mode in browsing, keyboard, gestures, app cover
    • Camera: Zoom with pinch gesture. Full 2Mpx resolution into use with the front facing camera
    • Calendar: Option to select calendar when creating an event + location of event
    • Store: Android apps are now identified easier with included icon
    • Phone: Option in the Phone settings to disable quick call from logs. When disabled, tapping on the call log entry will open the corresponding contact card
    • User experience: After screen time out, return to last active app (within 30 sec)
    • TOH connection: Ambience changes only if the TOH ambience is set as a favourite, or the first time The Other Half is connected to the phone.
    • Android: Improved access to phone sensors (all 5). Improved memory handling when running low on memory. SMS support in runtime envorinment (Android apps are not able to read or send any SMS, but they can now open the native Sailfish messaging app)
    • Several more updates and bug fixes, see all in the full changelog

    Known issues not yet fixed on this release

    • 4G/LTE connection. Official statement: LTE supporten countries and operators will be published later.
    • Camera support for more Android apps (still not working in Facebook, Twitter)
    • Navigation feature for Jolla's HERE Maps. No news about development. Several Android navigation apps are reported to work, some better, some worse.
    • Google's default calendar, contacts & events are only synched from internet to the phone - not the other way around. Adding or editing Google calendar events in the phone is useless.

    Problems reported after updating the system

    Upcoming Sailfish update releases

    • Jolla has stated that updates are planned to be realeased monthly

    Previous updates

    Sailfish Naamankajärvi ?

    Another update named by a lake. There are at least 4 lakes named "Naamankajärvi" in Finland, located at Pudasjärvi, Kuusamo, Suomussalmi and Oulu. All of them are quite small, the biggest one laying at Kuusamo, 7 565 km2.

    Jolla has stated that they are using lakes of Finland in naming updates of Sailfish OS. There are 187 888 lakes in Finland, including the small ones, so we might have more than few updates coming. Looking at the size of the biggest Naamankajärvi, we could speculate that this is not as big update than the previous one - but I'm still holding my breath for Sailfish Saimaa!

    Show a larger map


    1. I wonder if Jolla crew is playing darts with the map of Finland. Maybe the first dart hitting a lake gives the name for the next update. :)

    2. At least they come in alphabetical order, like Android version names, (...Honeycomb, ICS, Jellybean, Kitkat)
      Seems that they are also from the beginning of the alphabet order. Next assuming to start with O, and there is some tricky ones

      1. Oh, thanks :) Well, Saimaa is covered with ice anyway until we reach the S. Let's take a guess from the O then... Not "Sailfish Omenajärvi" at least (Apple lake). Maybe we'll get "Sailfish Ojennusjärvi" (Correction lake), which would be an all-bugs-fixed update :)

        Kimmo's link for others to take a guess: Finnish lakes, letter O

    3. After a short check, this is a great update. Lot's of improvements, only few backsteps. I suppose it might be worth another article?

    4. my jolla crushed after the update.

      1. You're not the only one... It might be related to some unsupported app(s). You can search "" at Jolla Together for help :/

    5. Is there a way of getting a changelog including updates on all the packages ?
      Connman doesn't work with me and it's very handicapping (basically, my smartphone is just a phone: after the first restart of the connman service, my only option for Internet connexion becomes the USB cable in developer mode). Anyway: I need a way to check on updates of Connman.