Friday 17 January 2014

HowTo: Jolla and DLNA media sharing

Basics of DLNA

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is often wrongly understood as a streaming format, actually it's a non-profit trade organization founded by Sony (2003). DLNA supporting devices, apps and programs are using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for media management, discovery and control.

A device/program/app supporting DLNA can include a media server, a media player, or both of these. Media is streamed from the server to the player usually via WLAN network on which both the server and the player are connected to. Several servers and players can be included into the same network.

1. Stream from Jolla to your DLNA players

I've managed in this using Android App "Smart TV WiFi Remote + DLNA". It's a free app, no accounts needed either, and it works perfectly on Jolla too. Here's the Installation guide:
  • pre-requisites: DLNA supporting WLAN router (most of them do). Jolla phone and your media player must be connected to the same WLAN network.
  • system-requirements: Samsung or LG television or Blueray player, or any DLNA capable media Player on your computer (I'm using a free program "Samsung All Share" on win7)
  1. Install Smart TV WiFi Remote + DLNA to your Jolla. I found it at Aptoide store as a trusted app. (Guide for installing Aptoide store can be found on a previous article)
  2. Start the app, select "DLNA" and select your desired folders to share. The app has access to both your Android and Sailfish folders, showing them as one type.
  3. After selecting, you can drop the app to your home screen and use your Jolla normally. Media sharing to your network stays on as long the app is running.
  4. Connect to your Jolla with your DLNA capable player. If Jolla is not found automatic, check your Jolla's local network IP (usually 192.168.X.X) from the phone or from your router and connect to it manually.
  5. After the player connects to Jolla's shared folders, you can just browse them and play the content (images, music, videos) of your player supported formats.

2. Using Jolla as a remote control
 (possible at the same time when streaming media from Jolla)

As the DLNA Server on Jolla can be left running, you can use another Android App on Jolla at the same time, remote controlling your DLNA Player. There are several remote control apps available for several TV/Blueray/DLNA players, just check the Aptoide store for your model. I'm using Samsung BD-5500 as the player, so I installed app "Samsung Remote" to my Jolla. In this photo I'm streaming a video saved to my Jolla, watching it from my TV and remoting the playback with Jolla:

3. Stream to Jolla from Plex media server

There are propably also other DLNA capable player apps which Jolla supports, but as I already wrote a review using Plex media server for this, here's an installation Guide for Plex:
  • pre-requisites: WLAN router on your computer. Jolla connected to the same WLAN network.
  • system-requirements: See the Install link below for supported operating systems.
    Plex is widely supported
  1. Install Plex to your computer. When using beta version 0.9.8, Plex account is not necessary, just pass it when asked and select the folders you want to share. With Plex you can share images, music, videos and movies to your home WLAN network.
  2. Install Plex version to your Jolla phone. I found it available at Aptoide store (add the store with writing this address at Aptoide) and 16 other stores. Note: This application has not been checked as trusted.
  3. Start the server on your computer. It's running only as an icon near the clock, and the settings are accessed via a web browser.
  4. On your Sailfish app launcer you only see an empty icon with the text "com", but you can start the app with tapping that. The icon is visible if you're using an Android launcer like GO Launcher EX
  5. Your media server should be located automatic by Jolla. If not, check your media server IP from the computer and set it up manually. After that you can browse and play your shared content on Jolla's screen. Plex transcodes the stream (if needed) on the server before sending it to your Jolla, so multiple video formats are possible.

4. Remote controlling Plex player on Jolla with another phone

While streaming media into Jolla, you can download a remote control for Plex to another mobile phone and control Jolla's playback from that. I succeeded in this installing an app called "Plex remote" to my old Android phone.

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  1. Nice! Nieldk is developing rygel, enabling DLNA sharing from Sailfish instead of via Android support: