Monday 16 February 2015

What's cooking? by Marc Dillon

Updates to the near future

Marc shares his thoughts on some topicals currently on Jolla's table

"We are now putting in all our passion and love to the work – we’re determined!"

Sailors discussed about these in their latest monthly iteration, and here's some great picks of the outcome:

What's cooking? by Marc Dillon

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Quotes below are from Marc Dillon, Chief Operating Officer and Co Founder at Jolla

Let's start with an update to the press event on March 2, 2015 unveiling Jolla Tablet right in the beginning of Mobile World Congress:

"The interest from the press was so overwhelming that our PR department entered a positive problem with an overbooked venue – we’ve working on arranging an extra session to fulfill this need."

Press event takes place in a nearby hotel for invited guests, but Jolla's stand, where all the audience is warmly welcome, is located on the main hall:

"We have a super cool location for our booth (Hall 1, 1F40), and I can’t wait to see it in person,  it’s going to look amazing!"

Bloggers, at least Jolla Users, Jolla Suomi, Jolla It, Jolla Es, Jolla Fr and Review Jolla), among with community TOH providers like Dirk and Andrew with their TOH Keyboard, and even more community members are joining Jolla in Barcelona too, and we got a nice mention from Marc:

"We’re also really honored to have some community folks present at the event. Great to see all of you (you know who you are) in Barcelona, and look forward to working together to spread the word about Jolla and Sailfish OS! We wouldn’t be here without you <3 "

Latest update on the readiness of Jolla Tablet:

"Most of the HW functionalities have been verified and tested, and now looks like we’ll have a very nice functional tablet demo for the event."

And this gets better all the time - the next Sailfish OS system update seems to be almost here! I guess that some users signed in to Early Access releases are about to get a notification of a new version pretty soon:

"As  for the next Sailfish OS software release, we are currently at release candidate 6 for Yliaavanlampi (update 11) and expect to be releasing soon."

Valentine Day offer, Jolla phone with pink Stella The Other Half, or with the Snow White for 199€ is still there at the Jolla Shop, but not for long:

"The offer still valid for a very short time, check it out in our store now."

With warm greetings, on behalf of the whole Jolla crew,

Read the full post at the official Jolla Blog

Or get into the love watching this Mobile World Congress 2014 video:

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Published: February 16, 2015 16:19 UTC
Updated: February 16, 2015 17:24 UTC

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