Sailfish OS at Mobile World Congress 2016

February 22 - 25, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Follow up - this page shouts for new updates, once again! Jolla, developer of the operating system Sailfish OS is present at MWC fourth time in a row, this time on exhibition meeting room located in Hall 2, EMR.K6. Jolla will also have representatives around Intex booth in Hall 7, Stand 7B44.

Press Event by Jolla took place on Wednesday 24th, 2016 sharing news on the future of Sailfish OS, announcing new partnerships and demoing Sailfish OS running on Intex Aqua Fish (prototype) and on Fairphone 2 (unofficial, WIP) and other mobile devices ported by the community. Saifishgirls are of course present, a great group known as Jollagirls from the earlier years. You already know they're talented and pretty, so who needs any photos? Well okay, a few coming up later.

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Jolla at Mobile World Congress 2015

March 2 - 5, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Jolla started the event with a Press Conference on the hotel next to the event site, unveiling their new product Jolla Tablet running on Sailfish OS 2.0Their campaign on Indiegogo has gatherer more than 2 million dollars, and the original goal of $380 000 was reached in just couple of hours when the campaign started on November 2014.

In the event site, Jolla stand was in the main hangar open on each day between 2-5 March at MWC Hall 1, Stand 1F40, Fira Gran Via, Fira de Barcelona, Spain. What a great people, and what a load of material to go through.

Jolla at Mobile World Congress 2014

Jolla was present at MWC 2014, introducing the new mobile phone Jolla, its operating system Sailfish OS (getting out of beta) and new partnerships with 3rd parties like Rovio and Makia introducing new The Other Halves which are expected to be released soon.

MWC 2014 event was a great success for Jolla, here's the whole story:

Jolla at Mobile World Congress 2013:

Already before their first phone was out, Jolla had an exhibition meeting room at MWC13. Jolla Phone was not yet ready to be introduced, that came out later on November, but Jolla introduced the first Sailfish OS SDK enabling developers to get deeper into the system and start building their first Sailfish OS apps. As this blog was launched at the same time with the phone, here are some links to my colleagues sites:
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Image sources: tablet-news.com, mobileworldcongress.com, JollaDirk van Leersuminstagram.com/jollagirls
Published: 2014-02-18
Updated: 2016-02-28

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